About me and my Closet!

Hi there!

I am a stay at home mom of one kid, a boy age 13. I enjoy doing crafts, particularly sewing and jewellery making. Much of my time lately is spent doing DIY projects for my home and gifts for my friends.

I started this blog as a business blog and trying to be as short as I could in description area but realized that it is NOT the way I want it to be like so I focused on extending the story to share with all of you what I love to do most – create! I am hoping to inspire you. You can make beautiful things for your home, family and friends OR you can hire me to craft you anything you can like! :)

More about me:

I am 35 years old and live in Athens,Greece. I have been married to my amazing husband (who also happens to be my best friend) since September 2013 but we know each other since 2009. Since  this is my second marriage, we still don't have our own kids but it's all in the plan! One for start and then we'll see. We have a dog, Boomer, and a tortoise, Morla and, in my dreams, I own a horse ranch too! :D

My favorite colors are turquoise, white, green, purple..... I actually like all colors but baby pink and burgundy, I just cant get my heart around those two...yet! I adore nature, sunny days in Greece and. travelling ... 

So that's a bit more about me! As for my blog here and my facebook page here.  Everything you see therein are my own designs and crafted lovingly with my own hands.  If you see something that you like or, I hope, love, I hope you will contact me so I can make it for you too!

Thanks for reading, nice to meet you, and happy browsing! <3

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