22 January 2015

Fluffy Owl Pillow

It's crafting time!

After some time that my dear friend got a baby girl, I went to meet her. For that occasion I made this Fluffy Owl Pillow for the little one. 

Her mom melted at the lovely soft fabric but later on, I heard that my new little friend enjoyed an amazing, play time with it as well! 


I made it from scraps, leftovers from a top. It's baby blanket softness. Add some felt decoration as eyes and the letter M in the heart to dedicate it to my cute little Maria.

Owls are very popular as a shape for crafts and I think another animal is FOX! 
As a regard to Miss Fox, this was my whole baby gift!

( Lovely Fox cap was made out of Cotton Spandex material. Also lined with the same.)
The best joy was the look of befuddlement on baby's face. There is a FOX on her head!! :D 

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